Board of Directors

Rachel Bjork

Secretary, Program Co-director

Rachel lives in Seattle, WA and has been an animal activist since 2000.  She loves getting out into nature and seeing animals in their natural habitat.  She started attending the Speak for Wolves Conference in 2016.  She was honored to be able to join the Board in 2019, and is excited to be working on making the Conference more representative of all wolf advocates.

Amanda Ferguson (she/her)

Treasurer, Media Director

Originally from North Carolina, Amanda now lives in St. Johns, Oregon and spends as much time as she can in nature. Always an animal lover and activist, she got involved with wolf advocacy in 2014, not long before Oregon delisted wolves from the state ESA. She loves to track wildlife and fight for conservation in the Pacific Northwest. 

Amanda works as Director of Scientific Journals for a nonprofit scientific society and spends much of her free time reading and volunteering.

Steph Taylor (they/she)

President, Program Co-director

Steph lives outside Portland, Oregon in the Cascade foothills and works as the Programs Manager for Northwest Animal Rights Network. As an animal advocate for two decades, Steph has worked on forest and wildlife policy issues in Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and their home state of Idaho, where Steph got to grow up and witness the great ecological return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Steph joined the Speak for Wolves Board in 2017.
Steph received a B.S. in Forest Ecology and Wildlife Science at Evergreen State in Washington. When not working for wolves, Steph enjoys traveling to watch wolves in the wild and tracking wolves close to home. Steph is currently working on a business plan to start a wolf sanctuary in the mountains and holds on to that dream of seeing a wolf in the wild in the Pacific Northwest.  

Rosie Sanchez (she/her)

Board Director

As the Rockies and Plains Program Coordinator at Defenders of Wildlife, Rosie provides support to the programs and operations to Defenders’ regional Director and team members in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Before joining Defenders, Rosie started her career in the conservation field interning at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR in public outreach and education that later led to her working with the Audubon Society of Portland, where her love for birds was amplified by working hands on with rehabilitation and preservation. After leaving Portland, Rosie ventured and lived in Yellowstone National Park, hiking, birding and backcountry backpacking, ultimately leading her to the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado.

Rosie received her B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences with a specialization in Conservation Biology from Oregon State University.

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