Corrine Nugent-Hayes, Poet, Wolf Advocate

Sat (8/14/21) 10:10-10:15 am PDT
‏‏“Poetry reading: “When Shall These Mournings For Us End””

In mourning the death of another Yellowstone Wolf, 1155Mb, I had to wait until O’ Great Creator began sending through me these Honorable & Humbled Words.

1155Mb, another Yellowstone Wolf taken far too soon… Aho

Corrine Nugent-Hayes: “As a young girl being raised by my strong independent single Mom with my 2 other siblings, she taught us the love for Wolves, & Our Creator. Being raised with Wolves was the most Spiritual experience any child could have. Between her & my Grandfather’s teachings that all Creations had value & we should learn we are all connected. Remembering my teachings as a young Native girl proved important while watching the Eco-system’s full cycle of all Humanity. Mankind, Animal Kind were created to show the world how true oneness must work together. A lesson I continued as I raised my own Wolves while having respect for all kind. Afforded many gifts from Our Creator I learned I had such passion for life in a whole I began to love Art & Creative writing. I would reach into my deepest core & Our Creator simply let me be me. If I could be just a single thread in Our Creator’s tapestry to share my gifts with the world then in Peace I’d stay. To this day my teachings have brought me through great strength for all adversities such as Cancer which I continue to battle to this day. I know Blessings follow me as I pass down my teachings to my daughter whom is a young woman now. Just remember, ‘Can’t doesn’t exist unless you don’t try to give back what you’ve been given.’

Many Blessings To All & Humanity. Aho”

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