John Murtaugh, Defenders of Wildlife

Sat (8/14/21) 3:30-4 pm PDT
‏‏“Colorado’s Gray Wolf Reintroduction”

In 2020, Colorado voters directed the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency to begin a wolf reintroduction by the end of 2023. Now, the state has set forth a plan and has begun a process of advisement, from key stakeholders, technical experts, and the public. Defenders of Wildlife has been deeply invested in wolf recovery for decades and we’ve continued this work through the Rocky Mountains. Rocky Mountain and Great Plains Representative John Murtaugh adds to Defenders’ expertise his with own experience in wildlife recovery, from wildlife rehabilitation in Belize to work in the Mexican gray wolf Species Survival Plan. John is an enthusiastic speaker with a real passion for wolves and is excited to share with you the progress, and challenges ahead, in Colorado’s wolf reintroduction.

John Murtaugh  brings a lifetime of passion for wolf recovery to the Rockies and Plains as he works to restore wolves to the region. By working with stakeholders across the spectrum, he works to create a strong coalition of support, ensuring that wolves and people can coexist in the west.  

John has several years of experience in wolf education, advocacy, and husbandry, having previously lead the education and outreach department at the California Wolf Center. In addition to a strong background in wolf advocacy, John’s experience in wildlife rehabilitation and restoration comes from having spent nearly a year living in Belize with injured and orphaned primates and working with local communities to promote their reintroduction and protection. These experiences have provided him with a strong background in forging the partnerships necessary for successful wildlife restoration and a commitment to hear the howl of the wolf in the Rockies again.

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