Panel: Airick; Steph

3:10-3:40pm ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‎‎‏‏‎ Using Direct Action as A Tactic for Saving Wildlife

What do we do when we’ve exhausted all legal tactics of stopping wildlife killing, but the killing continues?

This panel will feature seasoned direct action activists who have utilized non-violent direct action as a tactic to interfere with harassment or targeted killing of wildlife. We will cover topics like how to use your own body as a form of protest to stop killing or to bring attention to the issue, and how to participate in ongoing efforts to sabotage planned wildlife hunts.

Airick has been a wildlife advocate for over 36 years. He is a former Hunt Saboteur of 30 years.

Steph is a direct action activist with a long history of locking their body to things and dangling off stadiums, high-rise buildings, and 150 foot doug firs to call attention to state sponsored wolf slaughter, habitat destruction, and climate change. Steph has spent the last 15 years traveling internationally offering hands-on training in technical non-violent direct action tactics such as tree climbing, massive banner deployment, aerial blockades, lock-downs, and clowning authorities (decoys).

Steph is also the Board President of Speak for Wolves and is the Programs Manager for the Northwest Animal Rights Network.

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