Sristi Kamal, Defenders of Wildlife

Sat (8/14/21) 1:45-2:15 pm PDT
‏‏“Oregon’s Wolves: Conflict and Coexistence”

An overview on the status of wolves in Oregon, Oregon’s wolf management policy, current instances of conflict, and where we go from here.

Sristi Kamal is from India and grew up in a biodiversity hotspot with elephants, rhinos, leopards and tigers which sparked a childhood and lifelong passion for wildlife. She has a PhD in Ecology and a Masters in Environmental Studies, with focus on human dimensions of wildlife conservation. She has lived and worked in India, Poland and the US. She currently works for Defenders of Wildlife in their NW office of the Field Conservation Program. In her current role, she works to protect imperiled and native species in Oregon and their habitats, including wolves.

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