Lynn Okita, Wildlife Advocate, WAG Member

‎Sunday, Aug. 14, 11:00-11:45 am PDT
‏‏“The Status of Wolves in Washington”

An update on Washington wolves covering population information, management issues, post-recovery planning, and recent studies/projects in WA.

Lynn will also give an overview of the WDFW Wolf Advisory Group and her perspective as a WAG member.

Lynn Okita is a longtime wildlife enthusiast and advocate and has a special interest in wolves. She is a member of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Wolf Advisory Group (WAG), and advocates for coexistence with wolves in this diverse stakeholder group representing conservationists, livestock producers, hunters, and outdoor recreationists. She is the Board Chair of Western Wildlife Outreach, a nonprofit based in WA, and is a member of the Pacific Wolf Coalition Steering Committee. 

In the past, Lynn volunteered for Olympic Wildlife Rescue in western WA (now closed), and at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Large Animal Research Station where reindeer, caribou, and musk oxen were studied. She is a nurse practitioner and has worked in various healthcare settings over the years.

Lynn Okita

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