About Speak for Wolves

Speak for Wolves is a national, volunteer-run grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization supporting wildlife conservation. The Speak for Wolves conference is the longest standing, grassroots wildlife conference of its kind. Our EIN is 46-2867294.


To empower activists with Indigenous and Western science to challenge existing wildlife management practices and to influence policies that will benefit large predators


Achieving recovered and thriving wildlife populations


  • Engage people to fight for wildlife conservation
  • Elevate diverse voices and indigenous peoples in the conservation field
  • Support advocacy and direct action
  • Change federal and state wildlife policies
  • Connect how lifestyle & food choices affect wildlife


We believe that everyone deserves access to a clean, healthy environment, and that the environment and justice are inherently interrelated. Communities that bear the brunt of environmental degradation have historically been marginalized and excluded from the environmental movement. We must address these historical and ongoing injustices toward communities of color and low-income communities to fulfill our mission.

Speak for Wolves is committed to creating a culture of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will incorporate these values into our work in the following ways:

  • We will ensure that each member of our board is committed to working on equity and justice.
  • We will not co-opt social justice struggles to promote animal rights or wildlife conservation.
  • We will work to continuously educate our attendees and volunteers about how oppressions intertwine and affect one another.
  • Our Speaker honoraria rates will be determined with a racial equity framework

To do this work, we will educate our board, volunteers, and conference attendees on environmental justice and equity, as well as encourage them to join us in solidarity in the fight for social and racial justice. We will actively seek to include the voices of those previously left out of the environmental movement at Speak for Wolves.

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