Board of Directors

Steph Taylor (they/she)

President, Program Co-director

Steph is based in the Cascade foothills, residing as a guest on the unceded land of the Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde .
As an animal advocate for two decades, Steph has worked on forest and wildlife policy issues in Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and their home state of Idaho, where Steph got to grow up and witness the great ecological return of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. Steph joined the Speak for Wolves Board in 2017.When not working for wolves, Steph enjoys traveling to watch wolves in the wild and volunteers tracking wolves close to home. Steph is holding on to that dream of seeing a wolf in the wild in the Pacific Northwest.  

Amanda Ferguson (she/her)

Treasurer, Technical Director

Originally from North Carolina, Amanda now lives in St. Johns, Oregon and spends as much time as she can in nature. Always an animal lover and activist, she got involved with wolf advocacy in 2014, not long before Oregon delisted wolves from the state ESA. She loves to track wildlife and fight for conservation in the Pacific Northwest. 

Amanda works as Director of Scientific Journals for a nonprofit scientific society and spends much of her free time reading and volunteering.

Rachel Bjork

Secretary, Program Co-director

Rachel lives in Seattle, WA and has been an animal activist since 2000.  She loves getting out into nature and seeing animals in their natural habitat.  She started attending the Speak for Wolves Conference in 2016.  She was honored to be able to join the Board in 2019, and is excited to be working on making the Conference more representative of all wolf advocates.

Rosie Sanchez (she/her)

Outreach & Partnerships Director

Alma “Rosie” Sanchez is a Latina activist with roots in Coalcoman, Michoacan Mexico and Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Rosie has dedicated her personal and professional life to conservation, environmental activism, and community engagement. As an organizer, she works to empower Colorado communities, uplifting principles of equity and inclusion supporting wildlife, headwater protecting, and climate justice work across the state. A graduate of Oregon State University with a B.S. in fisheries and wildlife sciences, specializing in conservation biology, Rosie’s activism includes wildlife rehabilitation and spearheading the campaign to reintroduce wolves in Colorado, as well as holding multiple leadership roles within the BIPOC conservation community.  When she’s not rabble-rousing, you can find Rosie birding, learning how to rock/ ice climb, or hiking the 17 million acres of public lands in Colorado with her dog, Rascal.

Gaby Diaz (she/her)

Board Director

Gaby is back home in Colorado after spending almost a decade in the Pacific Northwest where she was involved in nonprofits advocating for gray wolf recovery, old growth forest protections, and using film and art as tools for inspiration and change. 

She’s thrilled to join the Board and work with a growing community of people who are helping keystone species return to their ancestral lands. 

When not in the office at The Wilderness Society, you can find Gaby spending time with her family or on a trail somewhere in the mountains. 

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PO Box 83273
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