Recommended Reading

Learn more about the issues behind wolf conservation, wildlife management, and environmental justice through these recommended books and scientific articles.


As Long as Grass Grows: The Indigenous Fight for Environmental Justice, from Colonization to Standing Rock by Dina Gilio-Whitaker

An accessible history of Indigenous resistance to government and corporate incursions on their lands and new approaches to environmental justice activism and policy.

Dispossessing the Wilderness by Mark David Spence

This book examines the ideal of wilderness preservation in the US, focusing on policies of Indian removal at Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Glacier national parks from the early 1870s to the 1930s.

Wolves in the Land of Salmon by David Moskowitz

Wolf ecology, history, and politics in the Pacific Northwest, with incredible photography

Wolfer and Wolf Land by Carter Niemeyer

Memoirs of a former trapper and US Fish & Wildlife Service employee’s key work on wolf reintroduction in the 1990s and his journey from killer to champion of wolves.

Direct Action Manual by Earth First!

Available in our store, the DAM gives a thorough overview of direct action skills and techniques, such as planning, security culture, soft blocades, treesits, etc. compiled by frontline activists.

The Cougar Conundrum: Sharing the World with a Successful Predator by Mark Elbroch

The Cougar Conundrum delivers a clear-eyed assessment of a modern wildlife challenge, offering practical advice for wildlife managers, conservationists, hunters, and those in the wildland-urban interface who share their habitat with large predators.

Scientific Articles:

Settler Colonialism and “Wilderness”

“With rare exceptions, current biodiversity losses are caused not by human conversion or degradation of untouched ecosystems, but rather by the appropriation, colonization, and intensification of use in lands inhabited and used by prior societies. Global land use history confirms that empowering the environmental stewardship of Indigenous peoples and local communities will be critical to conserving biodiversity across the planet.

Ecology and Trophic Cascades

Predation Effects of Wolves on Cattle and Elk

Human Hunting Impacts

Endangered Species Act, Wildlife Management, and Policy Issues

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