About the Conference:

The annual Speak for Wolves conference is the longest standing, grassroots wolf and wildlife conference in the lower 48. This volunteer-run conference is only possible with the help of our generous sponsors.


People from around the globe have registered for the Speak for Wolves Conference to learn more about current and upcoming actions they can take for wildlife, and the conference provides the tools to take action. 


Each of our presenters are chosen with care and bring a wealth of lived experience when it comes to advocating for wildlife and who are eager to share their stories and tools for change.


Our panels include representation from frontline grassroots activists, scientists, lawyers and policy experts, educators, and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Film screenings and more!

Every year is more than just a conference. Speak for Wolves has always provided an element of socializing and community building through happy hours, poetry and story-telling, and musical artists. Even through the pandemic, we’ve managed to keep the conference going virtually!

What Last Year’s Participants are Saying:

“Last year’s conference was exceptional and really brought to light the power imbalance that our wildlife has at a local municipal level. Hearing the ‘science’ behind rewilding of wolves was quite fascinating.”

“The presentation on wolves at the Mexico border was helpful in illuminating the hope and the difficulties that are specific to the Mexican gray wolf and yet, he spoke relatively nothing to politics, despite what is going on within the continent. This was a bit of a break from a heavy evening which was good.”

“I was really grateful to hear the stories shared by the indigenous presenters, this year and last. It is so easy to read books and feel sorrow of our history but to be confronted by it today, in your face, is important. I appreciate the courage and wisdom.”


Sponsorships go directly to ensuring that Speak for Wolves provides all participants with a rich experience at a sliding scale donation that will empower activists with science-based education to challenge existing wildlife management practices and to influence policies that will benefit large predators.

Sponsorship levels:

  • Gray Wolf $500
    • Exclusive thank you on one SFW morning opening sessions, 
    • Linked logo placement on main SFW Event page
    • Linked logo placement on SFW Sponsor page
    • Promo email mention (2 mentions)
    • Instagram story feature (3 mentions) 
    • Social media mentions (3 mentions)   
  • Red Wolf $250
    • Linked logo placement on SFW Sponsor page 
    • Promo email mention (1 mention)
    • Instagram story feature (2 mentions) 
    • Social media mentions (2 mentions)
  • Lobos $150
    • Linked logo placement on SFW Sponsor page 
    • Instagram story feature (2 mentions) 
    • Social media mentions (2 mentions)
  • Coyote $50 (for small grassroots organizations)
    • Linked logo placement on SFW Sponsor page 
    • Instagram story feature (1 mention) 
    • Social media mentions (1 mention)

If your company or organization wishes to support the annual Speak for Wolves Conference, please contact info@speakforwolves.org

Facebook: @speak4wolves
Instagram: @speakforwolves

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