Tiana Williams-Claussen, Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department Director

‎Sunday, Aug. 14, 1:00-2:00 pm PDT
‏‏“Keetch Prey-go-neesh Nes-kwe-chohl: Condors Return Home”

The Yurok Tribe, after a 14 year journey, has successfully brought North America’s largest terrestrial bird, the California condor, home to the Pacific Northwest. This restores a critical member of our ecological community, and promotes reconnection to this amazing creature, and cultural revitalization for the tribal people in relationship with him.

Special guest Tiana Williams-Claussen, director of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department, will provide a brief introduction to the incredible Prey-go-neesh, the California condor, and discuss the traditional paradigm guiding the Yurok Tribe’s efforts to bring them home to northern California and the Pacific Northwest. She will discuss the management approach the Yurok Tribe is taking for reintegrating condor into the region, and provide an update on how the newly released flock is doing!

Tiana Williams-Claussen is a member of the Yurok Tribe.

She received her BA in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard University, returned to serve her tribe, and is currently pursuing a Master of Sciences in Natural Resources from California Polytechnic State University, Humboldt.

Instrumental to formation of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department, she currently serves as Department Director. Her native upbringing and formal education allow her to bridge the gap between traditional understandings of the world, and those rooted in Western-science, supporting a cohesive, well-informed approach to holistic ecosystem management.


Tiana Williams-Claussen

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