Tiana Williams-Claussen presents at the 9th Annual Speak for Wolves Conference

We are honored to introduce a special guest speaker, Tiana Williams-Claussen, for this year’s 9th annual Speak for Wolves conference, which will be held online August 13-14.

The Yurok Tribe, of the area now known as northern California, has been working for years to bring the California condor back to its native habitat. While the news on wolf conservation has been so difficult lately, we’ve found great inspiration in the success story of this condor reintroduction project. 

Learn about the Yurok Condor Restoration Program here, watch for updates on condor releases here, and register for the conference today!

Speaker Announcement

Tiana Williams-Claussen, director of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department, will provide a brief introduction to the incredible Prey-go-neesh, the California condor, and discuss the traditional paradigm guiding the Yurok Tribe’s efforts to bring them home to northern California and the Pacific Northwest. She will discuss the management approach the Yurok Tribe is taking for reintegrating condor into the region, and provide an update on how the newly released flock is doing!

Instrumental to formation of the Yurok Tribe Wildlife Department, Tiana currently serves as Department Director. Her native upbringing and formal education at Harvard and Cal Poly allow her to bridge the gap between traditional understandings of the world, and those rooted in Western-science, supporting a cohesive, well-informed approach to holistic ecosystem management.

Joint Position Paper Against Trophy Hunting

Speak for Wolves recently singed onto a joint position paper along with 136 other conservation and animal protection organizations from around the world, including 45 non-governmental organizations from African countries, speaking out against trophy hunting and urging policymakers to ban imports.

“Trophy hunting stands out among the worst forms of wildlife exploitation and is neither ethical nor sustainable. In the face of the man-made global biodiversity crisis, it is unacceptable that exploitation of wildlife simply for acquiring a hunting trophy is still permitted and that trophies can still be legally imported. It is high time that governments end this detrimental practice.” -Mona Schweizer, Pro Wildlife

Read the press release

A few of the illegal “trophies” held in the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Wildlife Forensics Lab in Ashland, Oregon (photo credit: USFWS). 

Call for Fundraiser Auction Items

Support Speak for Wolves with a donation to our upcoming online auction! Experiences, gift certificates, and easy-to-ship items preferred. Reach out to us at info@speakforwolves.org if you’d like to donate.

Action Alerts: Ban Killing Contests on Public Lands; Weigh in on Colorado & Minnesota Wolf Plans

Voice Your Support for H.R. 7398: the Prohibit Wildlife Killing Contests Act of 2022!  Check this Project Coyote Action Alert to see if your US House Rep serves on the House Committee on Natural Resources, and if they do, write to urge them to support HR 7398!

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) is considering future recreational hunting of wolves. Submit public comment through the Keystone website here and consider writing a letter to the editor using guidance from WildEarth Guardians media action page. Attend the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting in Edwards, Colorado on July 21 and 22 to make your voice heard in the development of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s wolf management plan. 

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking public comment on their draft wolf plan update. Comments are due by Monday, August 8th, and a free informational webinar about the plan will be held Wednesday, July 13. Register for the webinar, and review & comment on the plan here.

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